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You dont want to or you are not able to build your own Selfmade-Roller?

Just ask your lokal metalworker or locksmith. They can take it up and biuld the constuction. At the end of the day this method is still much more cheaper and economical then a buyable laminator.

To be honest, the flatbad-laminators are not a technical marvel. With little technical skills you can do it yourself and save a lot of money. But without an instruction and construction plan this is an exceedingly difficult matter an a enormous amount of time.

The result of a misplanning may makes you pay dearly. The development took about 600 working hours for us. If you make a projection to a low hourly rate, this isnt lucrative. Alltogehter we took about 1,5 years to perfect the system. We tested and improved and tested and improved....until the Selfmade-Roller was perfect! Now you can save this expenses and trouble.

The advantages of a foil-applicator:

Enjoy the self-construction!

Folienapplikator einfach selber bauen

best regards Klaas Dittmer

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